Love the environment? I've got you covered


It's important to me that my products and services produce as little waste as possible and I decided early on that I wanted Miss Powell Prints to be plastic free. I've taken time to source packaging that's sustainable and 100% recyclable. 

🌲 The tissue paper, stickers and thank you card that arrive in your package have been printed by a company I selected because all their packaging products are sustainable and eco friendly. Plus, for every order placed they'll plant trees in areas of need, meaning I (and subsequently you) are contributing to global reforestation. I am proud to be part of their Eco Packaging Alliance. As of the 1st of November 2020 they've planted nearly nineteen thousand trees. Read more about Noissue's ideology here

🌳 The paper that I use for my products is made by Innova Art, who are committed to the environment. All their papers are FSC or ISO1400 Certified and produced from managed forests or renewable resources. They are acid and lignin free. Innova's Environmental Statement reads as follows ~ 

Innova Art is wholly committed to preserving the environment for future generations. As such we ensure that all of the materials for the base of our papers are ethically sourced, maintaining the future of the world’s natural resources. The wood pulp we use is chlorine free and originates from carefully managed, renewable forests. Many of our partners are fully FSC Chain Of Custody certified. This certification allows us to track the wood pulp used in our papers back to the original forest it was sourced from, ensuring continued support for healthy, renewable, responsibly managed forests.

📦 The mailer that your print arrives in is made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Sourced from, your envelope is the most eco-friendly, plastic free alternative to a standard bubble envelope or bubble bag mailer and they represent a significant step forward in the removal of single use plastics from ecommerce packaging.

❤️ All of this may mean that the price of my products is a little higher than those sold by other sellers, but I think the environment is worth paying a few extra pounds for... I hope you'll agree.